Ombre Lips A fall make up trend update you can DIY

Make-up artist backstage at the Lee Matthews s...

Looking for a fun way to update your makeup for fall with out spending a buck?

Ombre Lips

The latest Fall Makeup Trend that  I have been seeing everywhere and love. It’s is so easy you can diy and update your look with make up products you already own.

Being a make up artist in the industry, I had to learn how to be creative and resourceful when I had limited products to work with.

Don’t limit yourself, try new ways to use your eyeshadow, lipsticks, blushes, etc to create new looks

Here is a quick How to tutorial in creating the perfect Ombre Lip

Lipstick (product)

Products you will need:

  • Various shades of Lipstick or your favorite one
  • blushes or eyeshadows
  • neutral lipliner
  • A flat stiff eyeshadow blush or if you like a hands on approach your fingers.
  • A bit of imagination

Step 1: Line your lips with a natural lipliner. This will give you a crisp clean lip and also keep your lipstick from moving.


Step 2: Use Your Favorite Lipstick or a Lipstick that you want to update that’s been sitting in your drawer and apply to your lips. Use a lip brush for more precision if you can.


Step 3: Choose a blush color or eyeshadow color that is in the same color family as the lipstick. Example if you are using a red lipstick choose a pink blush or eyeshadow. If you want more drama find a gold shimmer eyeshadow.

Eye shadow

Step 4: Using the flat stiff eyeshadow or your index finger and pat the eyeshadow or blush right in the center of your pout. This will give your lips the ombre affect and also make your lips look fuller because of the color contrast.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Step 5: Rock your New Fall make up revamped ombre lips, and say

Thank you, I did it myself ….

Perfect DIY  makeup trend to update your current makeup for fall! Time to get Creative and start mixing! 

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3 thoughts on “Ombre Lips A fall make up trend update you can DIY

  1. I’m beginning to like ombre lips effect. I did this the other day. I was about to throw out my No7 lip gloss since I don’t like it – it’s supposed to be peach, but it’s nothing like it – and thought, hang on a minute, I’m gonna go ombre with this plus the lippy I have. And it worked! I see ombre lips all the time, almost too natural looking but in a good way with Korean Hallyu stars. Thanks for sharing!

    • No Problem, I love it to. I do this trick often. Either it be with bold contrast or subtle natural contrast. It is so simple and works for all types of people and styles. Thanks for commenting!

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