How you can get Drew Barrymore’s Look. Drew Barrymore launches makeup line for Wal-Mart

Lana Layne:

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Earlier today, I posted the rise of celebrity style & lifestyle collections. Hills2City blogged “Spring Has Sprung” about Lauren Conrad’s up coming Spring collection at Kohl’s

No surprise that another celebrity designer is debuting her new makeup line this spring.  Drew Barrymore created Flower, a makeup line that’s sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Drew Barrymore is no stranger to endorsing make-up. She has been the face of CoverGirl for years. Not just another endorsement, Drew also served as co-creative director for CoverGirl for 6 years too.

“I’ve seen women empower and transform themselves,” Barrymore told People. “I’ve worn makeup my whole life for film and fashion and worked with the best makeup artists in the world and I love what makeup does for you.”

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Being an ex-industry make-up artist, make-up is still one of my passions. I’m excited to go try out some her collection’s make-up pieces….Flower has over 180 pieces. Not sure how I am going to decide which ones to buy first.

What do you guys think? Have you guys tried any of Drew Barrymore’s make-up collection Flower yet?

Originally posted on Your Style Journey:

Drew Barrymore is the latest celebrity to create her own makeup collection Flower which debuted this month exclusively at Wal- Mart.  Her over 180 piece collection includes eye, face, lip and nail products which are available at 1,500+ Wal-Mart locations. What is great about this collection is that it’s cruelty free(not tested on animals) and the price point is beyond amazing- nothing is over $15!  It is luxury products at mass market prices.  According to the press release the collection is “formulated with the same quality ingredients found in department store luxury brands, but sold for a fraction of the price”.

Drew B

How did Barrymore produce such high quality products at such fair prices????  Well Barrymore and team chose to skip paid advertising and rely solely on blogs, social media, word of mouth and Barrymore’s popularity to do the “advertising”,which  frees up the usual 20-30% that would fund advertising.  That money is…

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2 thoughts on “How you can get Drew Barrymore’s Look. Drew Barrymore launches makeup line for Wal-Mart

  1. I didn’t even know she had her own make-up line, it looks cute. I probably wouldn’t buy anything from her line because I’m not a huge Drew Barrymore fan and the line is probably not available here in The Netherlands.

    • I wanted to check out what the line had to offer. Many of the colors were very natural and had subtle pops of color like corals and peaches and stained red lip colors. A lot was sold out online when I checked. I still want to see it in person to check out the quality because articles states that the quality is phenomenal. That being said, the publishers probably just got a press release to print.

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