Snake Charmers: Style Under $50

Serpentine Style finds for the Year of The Snake under $50.

The year of the Snake begins February 10th for the Chinese Zodiac.

Born in the beauty of the cycle, the Snake lady is the original femme fatale. She is not only beautiful, but her serene, cool and classic beauty will mesmerize people. Sophisticated, confident and collected, the Snake women love luxury, you wont find her decked out in worthless junk. Her taste and style are undeniable.

Fashion Designers have been inspired by these beautiful seductive creatures for decades.  If you follow the Chinese Zodiac or not, get inspired by snake themed statement pieces to vamp up your next outfit.

Lana Layne Snake Charmers

Snake Charmers Fashion Pieces #StyleWorthy Finds for under $50

You can be a Snake Charmer these season for Under $50. Update your personal collection with a few new style pieces.

Here are a few ideas to embrace the seductive allure of snakes into your closet :

It’s exciting to start updating my outfits with signature snake themed pieces to bring out my inner Snake Charmer. Here’s more inspiration:


Animal prints are one of the key trends that we’ll be seeing in stores for the spring. To find more Snake Charmer style pieces be sure to follow Your haute Couture on Pinterest.

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What are your favorite ways to add snake themed pieces to your everyday style on a budget?

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Thanks! – Lana Layne

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