Met Ball fashion review : spikes, raccoon eyes, and faux hawks, oh my!

Lana Layne:

What do you think of this years Met Ball Theme Couture Punk?

Any favorite looks from this years Met Ball?

Originally posted on the girl is polished:







File this red carpet fashion review under “Better late than never”. I meant to post this early last week but coulda-woulda-shoulda….our bestie’s bachelorette took precedence and the blog took a backseat last week. But I’m back baby! And I have a few thoughts on the so-called punk fashions at the recent Met Ball, with the theme Punk: From Chaos to Couture.

In a nutshell: I found the fashion overall super underwhelming compared to years passed. I’m usually salivating at every second ensemble but this year I found myself really reaching to choose my faves. And even with the ladies pictured looking the best in my opinion, something was clear – the theme of “punk” was largely misunderstood, totally ignored or interpreted in an altogether too obvious way. I get all the spikes and black lace, but would have loved a more daring or modern interpretation of the punk subculture…

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