DIY: Name Bracelets

Lana Layne:

I love accessories, especially arm candy bracelets.

There are so many inexpensive places to buy bracelets, but creating your own sets you apart from the rest and boost your style icon points closer to the top of fashionista list.

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DIY Logo

Found this amazing DIY on Born in ’82 and had to try it out.


I used 20mm Toggle clasps, 6mm jump rings, 0.51mm wire, and just regular gold chain. I probably should’ve gotten a thicker wire, but thinner wire is easier to bend around if your pliers are ehh (I probably should get new pliers too…). Here’s some pictures. Have fun DIYing!



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Fall Fashion is here! How to update your wardrobe by choosing a celebrity inspiration. This week style Inspiration Nicole Richie.

Labor day has passed and fall fashion is here!

Time to update your wardrobe. My favorite way to update my wardrobe is picking a few celebrity inspirations . I take my favorite celebrity looks, such as this week style inspiration Nicole Richie and buy off label look-a-likes.

Nicole Richie has made her mark as a style inspiration over the years and I love how she always looks stylish and comfortable. The style look for less

Nicole Richie Fall Fashion Look for Less

Nicole Richie Fall Fashion Look for Less

Nicole Richie look’s amazing with one of Fall’s hottest trends, it didn’t take her long to switch over. Basic colors and a bit of edge with Fall’s Leather trend looks amazing on any one if done right. Add a pop of color with shoes or a clutch .

This look is bound to be a easy way to stay in trend with out going overboard.

Key Pieces:

  • Long Sleeve Basic Neutral color shirt
  • Leather or Faux Leather Skirt
  • Pop Color Clutch
  • Nude Heels

Pure Body long-sleeve T

Pure Body long-sleeve T
$29 from The Gap

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Multi-color Python Print Clutch Wallet

Kenneth Cole Reaction  Python Print Clutch Wallet $24

Nude Color Captoe Pumps

Captoe Gold nude Pumps $39

Finding the right look-a-like fashion pieces for less is easy.


  • Always shop with an objective. Go in with the idea of the essential pieces to re-create your celebrity style inspiration’s look. ( If you don’t you will spend more dollars on things that you don’t need…defeats the purpose of savings.
  • Have the picture on your phone or in hand to remind you
  • Make sure the clothes fit correctly. Just because it ‘s cheap doesn’t mean it is ok to buy, trust me it will sit in your closet for the next 3 seasons.
  • Be creative

So our summer has come to an end. Don’t let that discourage you, because Fall Fashion is here and is packed full of amazing trends! Keep a look out for your style inspiration and re-create their look like I just did from Nicole Richie’s latest red carpet look.

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Amazing Style Virtual Make Over Application

Lana Layne:

Fall Make Up Trend DIY Ombre Lips

Fall Make Up Trend DIY Ombre Lips Found a great new app to give you make over inspiration before committing.

I am excited to try this app out, the worst way to waste money is go full blast with a make over and decide it isn’t the right style for you.

Try it out and tell me what you think?

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Yahoo’s article on Worst Beauty Blunders somewhat brought me to this site or app. While I sat next to my little one – both of us are being lazy bums- I browsed further and thought, hey, let’s try this app, and see.

If you want something to cheer yourself up, then a makeover might just do it for ya. Without having to shed some cash, of course. If you have a few minutes to spare, then get on this app! It’s actually quite fun!

Tip: Best pic to use is a close up pic or one that’s facing the camera, otherwise, you’ll have to fiddle more if the photo is angled a certain way.

I wished I found this app a lot sooner since this gives me a very good idea of what foundation (shade) I could use! Do’h! Would have saved me some cashhh. *sigh.

Obviously, this would all…

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Ombre Lips A fall make up trend update you can DIY


Make-up artist backstage at the Lee Matthews s...

Looking for a fun way to update your makeup for fall with out spending a buck?

Ombre Lips

The latest Fall Makeup Trend that  I have been seeing everywhere and love. It’s is so easy you can diy and update your look with make up products you already own.

Being a make up artist in the industry, I had to learn how to be creative and resourceful when I had limited products to work with.

Don’t limit yourself, try new ways to use your eyeshadow, lipsticks, blushes, etc to create new looks

Here is a quick How to tutorial in creating the perfect Ombre Lip

Lipstick (product)

Products you will need:

  • Various shades of Lipstick or your favorite one
  • blushes or eyeshadows
  • neutral lipliner
  • A flat stiff eyeshadow blush or if you like a hands on approach your fingers.
  • A bit of imagination

Step 1: Line your lips with a natural lipliner. This will give you a crisp clean lip and also keep your lipstick from moving.


Step 2: Use Your Favorite Lipstick or a Lipstick that you want to update that’s been sitting in your drawer and apply to your lips. Use a lip brush for more precision if you can.


Step 3: Choose a blush color or eyeshadow color that is in the same color family as the lipstick. Example if you are using a red lipstick choose a pink blush or eyeshadow. If you want more drama find a gold shimmer eyeshadow.

Eye shadow

Step 4: Using the flat stiff eyeshadow or your index finger and pat the eyeshadow or blush right in the center of your pout. This will give your lips the ombre affect and also make your lips look fuller because of the color contrast.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Step 5: Rock your New Fall make up revamped ombre lips, and say

Thank you, I did it myself ….

Perfect DIY  makeup trend to update your current makeup for fall! Time to get Creative and start mixing! 

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Break your favorite eyeshadow? GREAT! ….a new way to Update your eyes with out buying anything. DIY

Eye Shadow

We have all been there getting ready in the bathroom in a rush, and bam! Your favorite eyeshadow is smashed and ruined!

Your first instinct, is that it’s a toss out and you have to head to M.A.C and pay another $14.50 not including tax to get it replaced. Bummer.

Well, don’t go throwing it away yet! It is time to get creative and put that broken eye shadow to work. DIY project …

This season you will be seeing on the runway colored mascara on model’s lashes as the grace the runway.

Color mascara is your easiest way to work in some color into your make up with out looking like your in the running for Ru Paul‘s Drag Race.

Broken Eye Shadow

Do not toss out your broken eye shadow

Thanks to your broken eyeshadow, you don’t have to buy anything at all to rock this haute new style worthy trend.

Here is a quick how to change your broken eye shadow into color mascara.

1. Coat your lashes like normal with your favorite mascara, preferably a more wet in texture mascara.

Coat your Lashes with mascara

coat your lashes with your favorite mascara

2. Using a clean old mascara wand, (sanitize the old wand withalcohol, rinse with water, let dry…pink eye is not so haute) Smudge into the broken eyeshadow and tap off excess.

3. Then apply the broken eyeshadow with the wand and wiggle it on to your lashes (make sure the mascara you put on first is still wet so the eye shadow pigment grabs)

4. Do all the steps one more time if you want the color to be brighter, but don’t over do it or you’ll get major Tammy Fey Clumping action…again not so haute.

color mascara

broken eye shadow turned into color mascara

Va-Va-Voom Instant Colored Mascara with out spending a dime…and you are rocking the hautest new trend! Colored Mascara with your broken eye shadow!