Style Watch: Safari Summer Trend


Can’t afford to go on that exotic safari vacation in Africa this summer?

Try this style trend. Take a bit of that Safari Resort to your closet by adding:

  • Khaki colored outerwear
  • Chunky tribal accessories
  • Tortoise rimmed sunglasses
  •  Camouflage colored Nail Polish

If you can’t afford the vacation, you can always rock the fashion.

Are you ready to try this trend?

Summer Style Watch

Safari Summer Style

Show us your version of Safari Summer style trend!

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Here’s A Gorgeous Model Talking About Why Being Pretty Is Stupid

Thought Catalog:

My definition of #StyleWorthy encompasses more than being just “pretty.”

Being a beautiful with great style does not equal the labels we wear, it is the confidence and personality that brings life to our wardrobe not the other way around. Here is a article I found today on Thought Catalog. Find out what this Model says about being just “pretty.”

What is your opinion of being pretty and #StyleWorthy?

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Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

We always say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge people by what’s on the outside — get to know them and judge them by what’s on the inside. Sayings like these always seem braided up in political correctness. However, we know it’s difficult if impossible not to judge a book by its cover. To live in the social world means that we are constantly reading messages given off by other people, judging (or maybe “reading”) them even when we’re not being judgmental. You might think a person wearing a suit on a Tuesday afternoon has a lot of money even if they don’t, and there’s a reason Stop and Frisk programs uniformly target minority youths.

So even if you can’t judge a book by its cover, we do. And do it every day. But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is…

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How To: Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter


Your Personal Brand on Twitter is vital.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Twitter has roughly over half a billion users. This platform is becoming one of the biggest networking platforms.

New connections made on Twitter can lead to new career opportunities.

Twitter is a great space to demonstrate and promote your expertise to a large audience. It gives everyone a stage, but it’s up to you to build an audience so you’re heard.

Being able to brand yourself in the digital space is crucial and save you tons of money when your trying to stand out in the Entertainment Industry.

I’ve seen thousands of lost dollars from entertainers hiring someone else to create their online presence.

With time and a bit of learning you can do it yourself and in turn have more control of your personal brand.

Claim Your Twitter Handle

Imagine starting a business and trying to buy your website domain name, only to find that it’s unavailable. Horrible right? The same idea goes for Twitter handles.

Not owning your domain name  puts your business or personal brand at risk. Trying to reclaim your domain name maybe difficult or highly expensive. Same case goes for Twitter, however reclaiming a Twitter handle can be near impossible. Unlike domain names that can be purchased, there is no marketplace to buy and sell taken Twitter handles.

What can happen if you don’t claim your personal full name twitter handle today:

  • What looks better : @JaneMarks or @JaneMarks123
  • Harder for people to search for you and people will confuse @JaneMarks for you, rather than @JaneMarks123
  • Jeopardizes your personal brand consistency 

I can use myself as an example. I’ve made it a point since the beginning to own the all  my domain names; .com, .net,.info,.tv.

Although I’ve been on twitter from the beginning someone else owns @LanaLayne  and I was forced to settle for @Lana_Layne.

Ironic enough if you clicked @LanaLayne, you’ll notice it’s a abandoned Twitter handle. The frustration of trying to reach my Twitter twin to ask for my name, has near been impossible.

So take my advise stop right now, go to Twitter and claim your name and all your business names or else you’re at risk of being @JaneMarks123.

Strategize Your Personal Brand For Twitter

Profile of Twitter user

Profile of Twitter user (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

Assuming you went and claimed your name on Twitter, it’s time to build your Twitter profile. No one likes to follow a Twitter Egg avatar. Consider your Twitter Profile as a first impression to potential new connections.

Tips for personalizing your Twitter profile for your brand:

  • Fill out your twitter profile completely.
  • Utilize Hashtags in your bio that is relevant to your personal brand.
  • Add a background to your twitter profile. I recommend designing one that utilizes the same logos and color scheme as your personal website extending your brand image and keeping your brand cohesive for your audience.
  • If you want to add more information than Twitter allows on your profile, add text to your background with contacts, links, or other information you want to share.
  • Pick a clear profile picture that represents you.
    • Avoid pictures with friends
    • Photos that are more than 3 years old
    • Any photo you don’t want a future boss or client to see. (Although you may use twitter for social means, take note that employers and clients often research your public social networking profiles. Don’t risk your next career opportunity with a compromising photo)
    • Use a headshot, find a photographer on websites like Model Mayhem that are trying to build their portfolio to get low-cost to free pictures taken.

English: Vance DeGeneres Headshot by Joanna Br...

Establish Yourself as an Expert

  • Use twitter to share useful information relevant to your personal brand. If you are a technology expert, set up keyword alerts on technology and share interesting articles to your audience.
  • Create useful resources like digital downloads of your music
  • Tweet your youtube channel videos.
  • Be consistant with the topics that you tweet about and tweet often. If you are a fashion expert mostly tweet about fashion. People will add you to list and use you as a resource for information.

Build Your Audience. Create a Plan.

Just because you’re on Twitter and have good content doesn’t necessarily mean people will listen. Like websites and blogs, you’ll need a plan to acquire new follows and connections.

  •  Add your Twitter handle to your e-mail signature
  • Promote your Twitter Profile on your websites and blogs. Make it visible and easy to follow.
  • Add your Twitter handle to Resume
  • Include it on your business cards, head shots, zed, and music demos
  • Connect with others and tweet others utilizing their twitter handle, this promotes your twitter handle to their audience. Take note, use this when relevant. Don’t spam other peoples timelines. It’s annoying and will probably get your reported as spam or even blocked.

Utilizing some of theses tips will help you enhance your personal brand and turn twitter into a amazing networking tool.

Remember just don’t create an amazing profile. In order to build and maintain your audience and amplify your personal brand:

  • Know your audience
  • Create quality content that is useful to your audience and tweet often.
  • Engage Engage Engage. This isn’t a chance for you to pitch and be a commercial, this is a space where you can really make meaningful connections.
  • Follows are not equal to collecting baseball cards. More follows doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is listening. Having less followers that are retweeting , mentioning, or replying to your tweets is far more important and creating a valuable Twitter experience.


#GettySocial Art and Culture Tweetup in Los Angeles Feb.16, 180 Guest confirmed RSVP for a great Event

In spirt of Your Haute Couture Living in Los Angeles I would like to invite everyone to attend a Tweetup on February 16, 2013 at The J. Paul Getty Museum.

Eventbrite - Getting Social at The Getty



Meet Your Social Media Friends at #GettySocial

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A great place to connect with your online communities and network. RSVP today!

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Hope to see you there -Lana Layne

Lana Layne’s Birthday at MYSTUDIO Hollywood. Fashion Give Aways by Your Haute Couture!



LANA LAYNE'S Birthday MyStudio Hollywood
LANA LAYNE’S Birthday MyStudio Hollywood

Time to celebrate my birthday in Hollywood at MyStudio. Poppin bottles , fashion give- aways by Your Haute Couture, surprise guest, and so much more!


Lana Layne's Birthday Invite

Lana Layne‘s Birthday Invite

Special Thanks to:

Jamie Barren Presents Entertainment

Jamie Barren Presents Entertainment Hollywood Events Specialist

Cakes By Loops

Cake provided By CAKES BY LOOPS





If you can’t make the party, stay tune to see if you won my swag bag give-away contest! -Lana Layne

Fall Fashion is here! How to update your wardrobe by choosing a celebrity inspiration. This week style Inspiration Nicole Richie.

Labor day has passed and fall fashion is here!

Time to update your wardrobe. My favorite way to update my wardrobe is picking a few celebrity inspirations . I take my favorite celebrity looks, such as this week style inspiration Nicole Richie and buy off label look-a-likes.

Nicole Richie has made her mark as a style inspiration over the years and I love how she always looks stylish and comfortable. The style look for less

Nicole Richie Fall Fashion Look for Less

Nicole Richie Fall Fashion Look for Less

Nicole Richie look’s amazing with one of Fall’s hottest trends, it didn’t take her long to switch over. Basic colors and a bit of edge with Fall’s Leather trend looks amazing on any one if done right. Add a pop of color with shoes or a clutch .

This look is bound to be a easy way to stay in trend with out going overboard.

Key Pieces:

  • Long Sleeve Basic Neutral color shirt
  • Leather or Faux Leather Skirt
  • Pop Color Clutch
  • Nude Heels

Pure Body long-sleeve T

Pure Body long-sleeve T
$29 from The Gap

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Multi-color Python Print Clutch Wallet

Kenneth Cole Reaction  Python Print Clutch Wallet $24

Nude Color Captoe Pumps

Captoe Gold nude Pumps $39

Finding the right look-a-like fashion pieces for less is easy.


  • Always shop with an objective. Go in with the idea of the essential pieces to re-create your celebrity style inspiration’s look. ( If you don’t you will spend more dollars on things that you don’t need…defeats the purpose of savings.
  • Have the picture on your phone or in hand to remind you
  • Make sure the clothes fit correctly. Just because it ‘s cheap doesn’t mean it is ok to buy, trust me it will sit in your closet for the next 3 seasons.
  • Be creative

So our summer has come to an end. Don’t let that discourage you, because Fall Fashion is here and is packed full of amazing trends! Keep a look out for your style inspiration and re-create their look like I just did from Nicole Richie’s latest red carpet look.

Remember enter each day to win my swag bag…only a few weeks left any one can win $200 + in Fashion Style worthy loot!

Pop Sugar TV FAB on Youtube Brings you this weeks Best Dressed Celebrities

Pop Sugar TV Fab the online Style News Brings you this weeks Best Dressed Celebrities

Between red-carpet premieres and industry parties, celebrities brought out their style A-game this week. Accordingly, we’ve curated our list of the top five best-dressed stars, including effortless off-duty style courtesy of Diane Kruger, plus Jessica Biel‘s premiere-perfect attire. Watch today’s Fab Flash to see who made our list, and let us know below who you think had the best outfit! On Allison McNamara: J.Crew top, Madewell skirt.

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