Review: RiRi Woo

Check out This amazing review from minimyrts blog review on Rhianna‘s collaboration with M.A.C. Cosmetics, introducing Riri Woo.

Inspired from M.A.C. ‘s classic favorite Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick. A true classic blue red lipstick that has been in M.A.C.’s make up collection for years.

Rhianna is known for her daring edgy sense of style but what is her spin on Ruby Woo lipstick sister, RiRi Woo?

Have you tried RiRi Woo?

Bad Apple Cosmetics Nail Varnish


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A few weeks ago I entered a competition on Twitter to win some Bad Apple Cosmetics nail varnishes from The Lady Boys of Bangkok, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of their winners.  The prize I received consisted of three nail varnish shades from the Bad Apple range, and they are all absolutely gorgeous – thanks @TheLadyBoys!



Before entering the competition I had never heard of Bad Apple Cosmetics, but according to their Twitter account their products are all made in England and free from nasty chemicals, and they are apparently the first site in the world who will put any picture you send them onto nail wraps!

Since receiving my prize I have tried and tested all three varnishes, and I must say I am rather impressed.  When I first saw them I immediately liked the little apple-shaped bottles, and the Bad Apple…

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Snake Charmers: Style Under $50

Serpentine Style finds for the Year of The Snake under $50.

The year of the Snake begins February 10th for the Chinese Zodiac.

Born in the beauty of the cycle, the Snake lady is the original femme fatale. She is not only beautiful, but her serene, cool and classic beauty will mesmerize people. Sophisticated, confident and collected, the Snake women love luxury, you wont find her decked out in worthless junk. Her taste and style are undeniable.

Fashion Designers have been inspired by these beautiful seductive creatures for decades.  If you follow the Chinese Zodiac or not, get inspired by snake themed statement pieces to vamp up your next outfit.

Lana Layne Snake Charmers

Snake Charmers Fashion Pieces #StyleWorthy Finds for under $50

You can be a Snake Charmer these season for Under $50. Update your personal collection with a few new style pieces.

Here are a few ideas to embrace the seductive allure of snakes into your closet :

It’s exciting to start updating my outfits with signature snake themed pieces to bring out my inner Snake Charmer. Here’s more inspiration:


Animal prints are one of the key trends that we’ll be seeing in stores for the spring. To find more Snake Charmer style pieces be sure to follow Your haute Couture on Pinterest.

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What are your favorite ways to add snake themed pieces to your everyday style on a budget?

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How you can get Drew Barrymore’s Look. Drew Barrymore launches makeup line for Wal-Mart


Lana Layne:

English: Drew Barrymore at the premiere for He...

Earlier today, I posted the rise of celebrity style & lifestyle collections. Hills2City blogged “Spring Has Sprung” about Lauren Conrad’s up coming Spring collection at Kohl’s

No surprise that another celebrity designer is debuting her new makeup line this spring.  Drew Barrymore created Flower, a makeup line that’s sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Drew Barrymore is no stranger to endorsing make-up. She has been the face of CoverGirl for years. Not just another endorsement, Drew also served as co-creative director for CoverGirl for 6 years too.

“I’ve seen women empower and transform themselves,” Barrymore told People. “I’ve worn makeup my whole life for film and fashion and worked with the best makeup artists in the world and I love what makeup does for you.”

Read more: Introducing Drew Barrymore’s Affordable New Make-Up Line on Time Style

Being an ex-industry make-up artist, make-up is still one of my passions. I’m excited to go try out some her collection’s make-up pieces….Flower has over 180 pieces. Not sure how I am going to decide which ones to buy first.

What do you guys think? Have you guys tried any of Drew Barrymore’s make-up collection Flower yet?

Originally posted on Your Style Journey:

Drew Barrymore is the latest celebrity to create her own makeup collection Flower which debuted this month exclusively at Wal- Mart.  Her over 180 piece collection includes eye, face, lip and nail products which are available at 1,500+ Wal-Mart locations. What is great about this collection is that it’s cruelty free(not tested on animals) and the price point is beyond amazing- nothing is over $15!  It is luxury products at mass market prices.  According to the press release the collection is “formulated with the same quality ingredients found in department store luxury brands, but sold for a fraction of the price”.

Drew B

How did Barrymore produce such high quality products at such fair prices????  Well Barrymore and team chose to skip paid advertising and rely solely on blogs, social media, word of mouth and Barrymore’s popularity to do the “advertising”,which  frees up the usual 20-30% that would fund advertising.  That money is…

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How to Get Red Hot Lips in time for Valentine’s Day



The Beauty Department

How to get the perfect Red Hot Lips via

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Plump out your pouts with #styleworthy beauty trend, Red Hot Lips. A updated look at the classic red lip.

All you need is:

  • Red Lipstick
  • Red Glitter
  • Lipgloss
  • Lip Brush




Amazing Style Virtual Make Over Application

Lana Layne:

Fall Make Up Trend DIY Ombre Lips

Fall Make Up Trend DIY Ombre Lips Found a great new app to give you make over inspiration before committing.

I am excited to try this app out, the worst way to waste money is go full blast with a make over and decide it isn’t the right style for you.

Try it out and tell me what you think?

Originally posted on Beauty, Blog Tweaks:

Yahoo’s article on Worst Beauty Blunders somewhat brought me to this site or app. While I sat next to my little one – both of us are being lazy bums- I browsed further and thought, hey, let’s try this app, and see.

If you want something to cheer yourself up, then a makeover might just do it for ya. Without having to shed some cash, of course. If you have a few minutes to spare, then get on this app! It’s actually quite fun!

Tip: Best pic to use is a close up pic or one that’s facing the camera, otherwise, you’ll have to fiddle more if the photo is angled a certain way.

I wished I found this app a lot sooner since this gives me a very good idea of what foundation (shade) I could use! Do’h! Would have saved me some cashhh. *sigh.

Obviously, this would all…

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Ombre Lips A fall make up trend update you can DIY


Make-up artist backstage at the Lee Matthews s...

Looking for a fun way to update your makeup for fall with out spending a buck?

Ombre Lips

The latest Fall Makeup Trend that  I have been seeing everywhere and love. It’s is so easy you can diy and update your look with make up products you already own.

Being a make up artist in the industry, I had to learn how to be creative and resourceful when I had limited products to work with.

Don’t limit yourself, try new ways to use your eyeshadow, lipsticks, blushes, etc to create new looks

Here is a quick How to tutorial in creating the perfect Ombre Lip

Lipstick (product)

Products you will need:

  • Various shades of Lipstick or your favorite one
  • blushes or eyeshadows
  • neutral lipliner
  • A flat stiff eyeshadow blush or if you like a hands on approach your fingers.
  • A bit of imagination

Step 1: Line your lips with a natural lipliner. This will give you a crisp clean lip and also keep your lipstick from moving.


Step 2: Use Your Favorite Lipstick or a Lipstick that you want to update that’s been sitting in your drawer and apply to your lips. Use a lip brush for more precision if you can.


Step 3: Choose a blush color or eyeshadow color that is in the same color family as the lipstick. Example if you are using a red lipstick choose a pink blush or eyeshadow. If you want more drama find a gold shimmer eyeshadow.

Eye shadow

Step 4: Using the flat stiff eyeshadow or your index finger and pat the eyeshadow or blush right in the center of your pout. This will give your lips the ombre affect and also make your lips look fuller because of the color contrast.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Step 5: Rock your New Fall make up revamped ombre lips, and say

Thank you, I did it myself ….

Perfect DIY  makeup trend to update your current makeup for fall! Time to get Creative and start mixing! 

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Break your favorite eyeshadow? GREAT! ….a new way to Update your eyes with out buying anything. DIY

Eye Shadow

We have all been there getting ready in the bathroom in a rush, and bam! Your favorite eyeshadow is smashed and ruined!

Your first instinct, is that it’s a toss out and you have to head to M.A.C and pay another $14.50 not including tax to get it replaced. Bummer.

Well, don’t go throwing it away yet! It is time to get creative and put that broken eye shadow to work. DIY project …

This season you will be seeing on the runway colored mascara on model’s lashes as the grace the runway.

Color mascara is your easiest way to work in some color into your make up with out looking like your in the running for Ru Paul‘s Drag Race.

Broken Eye Shadow

Do not toss out your broken eye shadow

Thanks to your broken eyeshadow, you don’t have to buy anything at all to rock this haute new style worthy trend.

Here is a quick how to change your broken eye shadow into color mascara.

1. Coat your lashes like normal with your favorite mascara, preferably a more wet in texture mascara.

Coat your Lashes with mascara

coat your lashes with your favorite mascara

2. Using a clean old mascara wand, (sanitize the old wand withalcohol, rinse with water, let dry…pink eye is not so haute) Smudge into the broken eyeshadow and tap off excess.

3. Then apply the broken eyeshadow with the wand and wiggle it on to your lashes (make sure the mascara you put on first is still wet so the eye shadow pigment grabs)

4. Do all the steps one more time if you want the color to be brighter, but don’t over do it or you’ll get major Tammy Fey Clumping action…again not so haute.

color mascara

broken eye shadow turned into color mascara

Va-Va-Voom Instant Colored Mascara with out spending a dime…and you are rocking the hautest new trend! Colored Mascara with your broken eye shadow!