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Accessorize your outfits to create new ones. Etsy your online market place for 1 of a kind accessories and jewelry pieces!

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It’s hard to stand a part from the crowd by wearing mass produces accessory jewelry  items that you find in malls.


provides us a large selection of unique pieces to custom order pieces from the unknown but notable designers.

Southwestern Patterns and Artesian Jewelry is what you will find emerging this fall, instead of paying top dollar for what you find on the runway support smaller artist and sellers.


Here’s a Gallery on some of my favorite jewelry and accessory  finds on Etsy today all  under $50 bucks!

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You ever imagine, Pinterest + Craigslist + Celebrities Closets + Delivery = Mecca of Designer Deals!

Hipswap a new way to shop online- Lana Layne

Hipswap a new online way to shop online

What do you get if we put Craigslist, Celebrities, Pinterest together? You get a new way to shop online, Hipswap.

Imagine buying a vintage Chanel lambskin from Samantha Lim or Senior Writer of The Hollywood Reporter Merle Ginsberg? Well dreams do come true…

Props to the generation we live in. In the past people imagined  a world with hover cars,  put it bluntly “The Jetsons.”

No car’s hovering over your heads, but hey I’ll settle for a life without standing in long lines full of bargain hunters.

Thank you Amazon. Thank you Ebay. And you too Now added to the list Hipswap. Being #styleworthy is not only for the rich.

I checked the website out  found everything from “shabby chic” furniture, YSL’s  from Samantha Lim’s closet. A treasure trove that can be found on your phone, computer, or tablet….


How to Shop Safely on hipswap

  1.  They don’t incorporate seller performance scores.  $100 Chanel Lambskin Clutch looks to good to be true, it probably is. Ask the seller questions!
  2. Play the same game you do for craigslist for meet up purchases. We all saw the movie Craigslist Killer…
  3. If it’s something that’s going to be shipped, make sure you pay through PAYPAL ….BUYER PROTECTION!

With that shop away!


Lana Layne

LA Weekly Picks their Top 10 Vintage and Second Hand Boutiques of Los Angeles….

Where to Shop vintage in Los Angeles

Consignment” Couture, your shopping guide from LA Weekly

Your easiest way to be the Zebra in a sea of Horses, is to shop “Consignment” Couture. Vintage Shops and Second Hand Stores are the gate keepers to amazing style worthy finds. All it takes is a bit of your imagination and picking out a game plan. Shopping this way will assure that no one else will have your outfit. This is an article from LA Weekly ranking their top 10 Vintage and Second-Hand stores in Los Angeles.

I have curated my own list of favorites, and tips on shopping “Consignment” Couture the right way….

I will be posting that article up soon! So keep posted and follow the blog, my treasure chest of fashion secrets awaits you.

- Lana Layne